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Explore Great CareerOpportunities atTotal ApplicationSoftware Co. (P) Ltd.

Current Openings

Embark on a fulfilling career journey with Total Application Software Co. (P) Ltd., where talent meets opportunity. We value diversity and encourage innovation, creating an inclusive workspace for growth. Find your path with us if you seek a workplace that values your potential and promotes continuous learning.

At TASC, we believe in cultivating an environment that nurtures and promotes individual skills. Explore our career opportunities to be part of a company committed to staying at the forefront of technology. Join our passionate team, contributing to the evolution of advanced solutions in the tech domain. 

Why Work With Us?


With more than two decades of experience, you benefit from our vast knowledge and command of the industry.


Join a team that adopts creativity and fosters innovative thinking.

Commitment to Quality

Be part of a company that delivers top-notch solutions and services.

Collaborative Culture

Experience a work environment that promotes teamwork and mutual growth.

Learning Opportunities

Diversify your skills through continuous learning and development programs.

Look For Exciting Career Opportunities

Discover a rewarding career with TASC. Apply for positions that align with your skills and ambitions.

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