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ComprehensiveEnterprise SolutionsBy TASC

A true Enterprise Search System by Total Application Software Co. (P) Ltd. efficiently indexes vast data from diverse sources. Utilizing advanced linguistics and features like facets, entity extraction, and natural query recognition, our solution ensures intelligent search and retrieval within seconds. Organizations worldwide recognize the importance of implementing such search solutions for internal (Intranet) and external (customer-facing) needs.

Why is enterprise search crucial? Imagine daily searching for information, whether ordering pizza or finding a reference document at your office desk. Businesses rely on effective search solutions to enhance efficiency in accessing vital information.

Variants of Enterprise Search System

Enterprise/Intranet Search:

Implement a high-performance, intelligent Search Platform for your Corporate Intranet, Knowledge Management, and Enterprise-wide content.

What Is Enterprise Search System? 

An Enterprise Search System is a sophisticated tool that streamlines information retrieval within an organization. It efficiently navigates vast databases, documents, and resources, enhancing employee data accessibility. This system ensures quick and relevant results, promoting productivity in diverse enterprise operations. 

Search Competency:

Understanding the uniqueness of each Search implementation, we delve into content, user behaviour, business objectives, and integration points. With years of expertise, we've earned proven Search competency, notably recognized by Microsoft.

Consumer/Internet Search:

Enhance your Internet Service with a strategic Search solution backed by years of expertise for improved user experience and conversions.

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Interested in our enterprise services? Reach out for a personalized quote that suits your requirements. 

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Digitally TransformYour Business WithSAP Business One

Revolutionize your business through the seamless integration of SAP Business One, empowering digital transformation for enhanced operational efficiency and growth in the Indian market.

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