Every project has its unique set of requirements and nuances. The project in question may be a new development, existing project migration, technical administration, offshore / onsite development etc. Each and many such situations will demand that we look at it uniquely. Though a typical scenario in offshore development is something like:

   Scope / Project signoff.
   Team identification.
   Scope / Project signoff.
   Knowledge acquisition.
   Environment replication.
   Project plan and scheduling. (See project management)
   Project plan signoff
   Offsite project execution.
   Offsite project execution.
   Constant project review and milestone acceptance.

TASC Project Management Tool

Wherever possible we apply our standard fixed price / fixed time model which lets us do the risk sharing with our clients. We stand by our budget and time commitments.
   Clear communication protocol setup.
   Due approvals at all stages.
   Effective issue management.
   Breaking of entire project into smallest possible work units (tasks & sub-tasks). Managing, tracking them for constant      review and action.
   Continuous project review with onsite team for complete synchronization and mitigate any surprise element.

General project practices

   Version control using VSS.
   Backup of source code and document repository on a daily basis.
   Well-defined issue management approach.
   Documentation for easy project knowledge transfer, implementation, deployment, usage.
   Adherence to general and project specific quality guidelines.
   Testing against planned and documented test cases and scenarios.
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