Online Services

The eBusiness side of online commerce is not just restricted to selling stuff online. The web has evolved into the biggest business enabler by evolving into B2B Marketplaces, Online Exchanges, eProceurement, Extranets, Business Data Exchange / Interchange. Its role in enabling businesses into becoming transcontinental large enterprises cannot be exaggerated.

We have over 10 years of expertise in Envisioning, Engineering, Monitoring and Maintaining large scale B2C, B2B Marketplaces, Online Directories etc and, in general, creating highly interactive, intelligent, proactive, scalable yet flexible systems.

We at TASC clearly understand and appreciate the challenges of setting up and running an Online Service and believe that you require a Partner who understands Technology and beyond. A Partner that has wide experience in understanding.

  User Experience
  Customer Relationship Management
  Strong Back Office
  Change Management
The possibilities in Online space are without limits and the platform has to be intuitive, needs an identity, has to be scalable, will require to adapt for ever changing market needs.

We understand the fact that it is not just about Technology and have the expertise & commitment to provide value beyond just Technology.

We can fulfill a complete range of Online Services / Portals / Websites / e Business Initiatives.

  B2B / B2C Marketplace
  Social Networking / Business Networking
  Online Directories / Yellow Pages

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