Enterprise / Intranet Search

A System that lets a defined set of users, related to an organization (mostly employees), gain access to its Enterprise Wide content residing in disparate sources available as structured and unstructured data. A knowledge / information worker may typically require finding specific pieces of information from the sea of Enterprise Content. It has been found in many studies on trends on data growth that, an Enterprise would normally double its size of data every five years and this multiplier is just growing with time. The access to this information becomes more challenging by the fact that the growth of unstructured data (documents / reports / articles) is catching up on structured / transactional data.

The scenario could be a Sales representative looking for an earlier RFP / Quotation or Sales Presentation, compliance department looking for a Scope document, employees looking for other employees, an inductee looking for HR policies on a specific subject, another one looking for SOPs, employees looking for corporate news. The list is endless. Without a good Enterprise Search System these users would be lost on how to find this information and will end up losing productive time and may not even find the best piece of information at all.

Some typical Enterprise Search application areas are listed here and usually involve not just employees but extend to Vendors, Customers,

  Intranet Portal
  Knowledge Management
  Customer Service (Agent Assisted)
  Customer Relationship Management
  Vendor Management and Billing
  Transaction Management and Fraud Detection
  Human Resource Management
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