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A true Enterprise Search System is a Platform or Solution that provides a method of indexing huge amounts of data from desperate sources aggregates it into a searchable index and enables intelligent search and retrieval of individual pieces of information from it in a matter of sub-seconds. Such Systems employ advanced Linguistics like Lemmatization, Spell Checking, Synonyms, Anti-Phrasing, N-Grams coupled with features / techniques like Facets or Navigational Aids, Entity Extraction, Concept Extraction, Natural Query recognition, Taxonomy, Auto Clustering etc. All these form an intrinsic part of a good Search Platform and provide it the intelligence required in Information Discovery.
Microsoft Fast ESP
Microsoft Fast Search for SharePoint Server 2010
Organizations world-wide are realizing the importance of employing such Search Solutions both within (Intranet) and outside (customer facing).
Microsoft Google Search Appliance
Why is Information Discovery and Retrieval or Search so important? Why would a business want to use Search? To realize its importance, just think of how many times in a day a person tries to look for information on a particular subject both in their personal and professional life. The reasons could be as varied as looking for getting pizza delivered to searching a document for reference at your office desk. Everyone is looking for some information or the other multiple times a day.
Apply Search a high performance,intelligent and highly customized & tuned Search Platform to your Corporate Intranet,Knowledge Management initiative,Enterprise wide content and more.
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If Search is the center piece of your Internet Service around which revolves the entire user experience and conversions, and then we have the right solution coupled with years of rich expertise.
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We clearly understand that every Search implementation is unique in itself and will require us to look at every aspect of it. It is essential that we dive deep into the content / data; understand User behaviour and expectations, Business Objectives, integration Points and so on. With over 6 years of deep expertise across Industries and Domains in Designing and Implementing Search based Solutions, we have earned proven SEARCH competency from Microsoft.
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