Google Site Search

Thumb Improve customer satisfaction & conversions
With the power of Google search, you can create a better overall user experience on your site. Visitors end up staying longer on your site and turning into new customers.
Thumb Customizable and easy to set up
It's easy to set up Google Site Search and make it your own by adding your company logo, selecting a search theme, and incorporating several other personalized features. Plus, it's free of ads.
Thumb Fast and scalable Search solution
Google Site Search is Hosted and Support by Google, the leader in Search technology, resulting in an amazingly Fast, Highly Scalable yet affordable Search Solution for your Website.
Thumb In the Cloud.! No Hardware / Software required
Google Site Search is hosted in the Cloud as a search service and requires no server side hardware or software setup. Just signup, configure and utilize the service as a plug-in to your existing website.
Thumb Know your Customer
Google Site Search integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to provide you with an excellent understanding of how visitors are behaving on your site.
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