FAST Search Server

FAST Search Server 2010 for Internet Sites (FSIS) / FAST ESP

Microsoft Fast ESP

FAST ESP / FSIS is world’s leading Search Platform that provides most advanced standalone search technology that can unify disparate data sources to provide intelligent, high performance, highly customizable and scalable search for your Intranet or Internet applications.

FAST ESP is a true Enterprise Search Platform or Solution that provides the means to index huge amounts of data from disparate sources aggregates it into a searchable index and enables intelligent search and retrieval of individual pieces of information from it in a matter of sub-seconds. It employs features like advanced Linguistics, Lemmatization, Spell Checking, Synonyms, Anti-Phrasing, N-Grams coupled with features / techniques like Facets or Navigational Aids, Entity Extraction, Concept Extraction, Natural Query reorganization, Taxonomy, Auto Clustering etc. All these form an intrinsic part of a Search Platform and provide it the intelligence required in Information Discovery.

FAST Search for Internet sites includes Content Transformation Services (CTS) and Interaction Management Services (IMS). While FAST ESP is the core search platform, CTS provides Content enrichment and transformational layer prior to indexing and IMS provides Query and Results side management layer.

There can be innumerable applications of search in an Intranet or Internet scenario where Search is the most critical and central function of the application. For instance, a very large horizontal search B2B platform that aggregates vendors, products and services, would have the entire user experience and success based on the ability to find the right vendor, product or service

We have 6 years of expertise in visualizing and engineering Search centric solutions on various search platforms and have achieved GOLD competency in SEARCH from Microsoft.

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