Engagement Model

Choosing the right engagement model is one of the most important decisions in any Offshore outsourcing engagement.

TASC offers simple and flexible engagement models that can cater to the needs of most of our global customers having a varied set of requirements and priorities. Apart from the generic engagements models, we can create customized engagement models to address your specific business and project requirements.The generic business models that you can choose from are:

Fixed Time & Price or Fixed bid

This model works best when the specifications and scope of the project can be defined at the start and are not expected to change during execution. Clear scope, specifications and deliverables will set the boundaries for the project that will have to be adhered to.

TASC has a standard methodology to draw crystal clear specifications in terms of a Statement of Work (SoW) and make sure that both the parties are on the same page on what is expected and what is promised to be delivered. The best part if that the customer is involved at each stage right from proposal, conceptualization, design and implementation to delivery and support.

Not just scope but all important project aspects are clearly defined right from resourcing, communication model, project pre-requisites, assumptions, risks ,escalation matrix, in and out of scope, functional specifications etc.

TASC has years of experience in conceptualizing and successfully delivering fixed bid projects within budget and on time with the highest level of quality and reliability.


Low to zero risk option were TASC shares the risk for the complete project. Best suited for projects that have very clear requirements that will not change during execution. Get the project deliverables without any hassles.


No flexibility in terms of requirements and implementation once the scope is set and the project starts. Can be counter productive for projects that require adaptability during execution or if specifications are not very clear to    begin with.

Time & Material

This model is suitable for projects where the requirements / specifications cannot be well defined at the start and / or are expected to change during implementation.

In this pricing model it is characterized by a fixed number and type of resources engaged for a specific project duration utilizing specific type of infrastructure and equipment. The team size, their skill set and infrastructure to be utilized is well defined on paper and a fixed fee for this team is charged on a monthly / bi-monthly basis. Such an engagement usually works on an annual basis with renewals before end of each term. Shorter term engagements are also welcome with a minimum commitment defined.

Projects that require ongoing development, maintenance & support projects, co-product development projects, R&D projects are well suited for such an engagement model.


Complete flexibility in terms of specification and design changes. Flexibility of ramp up/down of resources. Highly Collaborative development can be achieved between onsite and offsite team without having to deal with change    requests and re-estimates .


Impossible to accurately budget project costs. Tracking and management by customer is required .We have standardized process, tools and technique to ensure complete fairness and visibility on all projects using time sheets, project management tools, issue and bug tracker tools etc.

Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer

The Offshore Development Centre (ODC) or Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) operation is a suitable model for businesses that wish to create an extension of their own team without the hassles of hiring resources and investing in infrastructure. This is the best mode for creating distributed teams geographically, for staff augmentation, disaster management and business continuity along with the benefits of dedicated poll of resources that virtually extend your team without the associated burden of over staffing and people management.

The engagement model of software development outsourcing based on ODC/ODT models works well for start-up companies aiming at reducing expenses and getting guaranteed results, for companies looking for optimized utilization of resources with a lower time to market or companies looking to hire team of experts in a certain area to work on a ongoing basis.

We will pick and choose a dedicated team of people highly skilled in the required area with complete focus on the project, apply the required processes and quality frameworks, team communication etc. Basically replicate your own development practices and culture and provide an offshore team that would seem to be virtually working from within your own office.

The resources and infrastructure are paid a retainer of fixed fee. The contract period is for a minimum period of 1 year and is renewed in advance to retain the dedicated team.


You get an extended team that works beyond your office hours. No effort required in hiring and investing in infrastructure and day-today people and infrastructure management. The Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) is an extension to your own team that works as per you own work framework and    processes, you get to manage and utilize them as required.


Not suitable for short term projects. Need well defined processes and communication to be in place for successfully utilizing the offshore team.
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