IT Consulting

The process of providing solutions by its very nature demands that we understand the challenges being faced by the business or the objective of initiating the need for a solution, map these to existing resources for maximum re-utilization, understand the current processes, refine them and translate them into more efficient and intelligent systems. Therefore, it becomes inevitable that we act in an unbiased consulting capacity before trying to develop a solution. We believe that consulting is at the heart of our offerings and is an integral part of what we do, implicitly or explicitly. It is all about adding value!

We have been providing Consulting services to customers in the field of e-business planning and strategy, Information Discovery and Retrieval, Portals/online services, BackOffice process automation, IT implementation, Process re-engineering and Enterprise Process automation etc.

TASC is your partner for successful IT / Solution implementation, Information Architecture, Process refinement, E-Business strategy planning and implementation, enabling knowledge management, achieving organizational efficiency enhanced customer satisfaction and the list goes on.

Process re-engineering Information Discovery and Retrieval.

  E-Business / Online Service Setup
  Information Access Strategy / Enterprise & Consumer Search     Strategy
  User Interface / User Experience Designing
  Feasibility studies
  Technology decision / planning
  Technical administration
  IT Implementation
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