Digital Marketing

The Internet, the phenomena of Convergence, Mobility and the New Media that arises out of these (like Blogs, Social networks, Text Messaging, RSS Feeds etc ), have changed Marketing dramatically over the years. Marketers have being to realize and respect the power and importance of Digital Marketing.

People across the world are creating content, connecting with each other and collaborating like never before. For any business of any size, this new style of marketing is increasingly gaining importance where companies of any size (and even individuals) are able to create branding, connect and interact with customers, personalize content to their liking, gather direct feedback. The possibilities are limitless.

In this new paradigm, every business must effectively leverage this ‘Digital Marketing’ platform not just to flourish but to survive!

The need is to create a ever improving cycle of brand awareness, demand generation, monetization, service, analyze and feed the knowledge gained about customer back into the very fabric of your business, products and strategy.

We are geared up to enable you to leverage this phenomenon called ‘Digital Marketing’ with the right knowledge, means, insight, tools and technologies. Having a decade of experience on the web platform working with businesses, getting customer feedback and learning on the jobs (and from our mistakes) have helped..!

We are a Microsoft GOLD Partner and have earned a competency in Digital Marketing from Microsoft.

Some of the many tools, technologies & media employed are Custom Branding & Graphics, Dynamic HTML Content, Content Management Systems (See SharePoint for Internet Sites), Flash /Silverlight, Social Media Integration, Facebook APIs, Facebook Apps.

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