Cloud Computing

In simple words 'Cloud' is all about Scalability, Business Continuity and Costs.Technically speaking, it is a platform that provides virtual server computing power to your applications in a flexible contractual engagement.

With the 'Cloud', businesses can easily scale up /down without big capital expenditure or loss of investment and that too without any lead time. Organizations are able to achieve operational efficiencies with no capital investment, better utilization of resources, lower operational costs, built-in business continuity and operational agility.

We at TASC will help you leverage the 'Cloud' advantage for your current processes and any new initiatives. We will carry out a thorough assessment of your business requirements, current implementations and create a strategy for movement to the cloud.

TASC is a Microsoft Partner for the Azure Cloud Platform and a Microsoft GOLD Partner.

Azure Benefits


Take advantage of development tools, automated service management and global datacentre presence to respond faster to customer needs, focus on your competitive differentiators, and reach new markets.


Windows Azure improves productivity and increases operational efficiency by lowering up-front capital costs.


Windows Azure enables you to spend less time on operational hurdles and more time focusing on your competitive differentiators.


Utilize your existing skills in familiar languages such as .NET, Java and PHP to create and manage web applications and services.


Enterprise class service backed by reliable service level agreements and a rich online services experience.
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