Telecom companies have their share of challenges due to the sheer size of subscriber base. Issue like customer knowledge, segmentation, profiling etc have been achieved to some extent but leave much to be desired.
Objectives like subscriber micro segmentation, personalization, targeted offers and campaigns; are all mostly never met.
Lot of these objectives are not met since it is next to impossible to have a single system that can manage all at this large a scale and telecommunication companies have to utilize a mix of best-in-the-industry solutions to meet their various needs be it Customer Profiling, Servicing, Billing etc.
We specialize in providing solutions around their existing systems without requiring any re-engineering. Existing systems and data silos are utilized to aggregate and harness data into knowledge systems that can let them achieve their most desired goals.

Telecom Focused Scenarios

  Customer Self Service
  360° Customer View
  VAS Content Discovery and Recommendations
  Cross Sell / Up Sell Services and Content
  Highly targeted Campaigns
  Customer Acquisition and Retention
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