With the advent of New Media, Internet, Smart Devices and Convergence, Publishing has undergone a complete transformation. There has been a complete paradigm shift in the Publishing industry in terms of Content Creation, Mode of Distribution and Delivery and Consumption of Content. Content On-Demand is what the consumers now want, reach is not an issue any more but Visibility is.
Be it Online Publishing, Content Management, Online Directories like Yellow Pages, Classifieds; we have closely worked for them all for years now. We have been instrumental in their complete transformation from a traditional Publisher to major initiatives in the New Media and Online Publishing.
  Digital Content Management & Delivery
  Online Portals for Yellow Pages / Classifieds / Marketplaces / News
  Publishing Workflow Management
  Content Search & Delivery
  Back Office Processes
  Data Centralization & Management
  Taxonomy and Classifications
  Online Payment System
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